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Character1 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Here are a few selected questions not addressed elsewhere in our website, that we received from our customers over the years. Hope they can clarify something for you. If your question is not answered here, please telephone or send us an email; we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Question from Customers: Is there a credit card form for me to place an online order?
Answer by Party Cloz: No, currently we are not offering on-line direct payments. If you would like to place an order, please email or call us (see the "Contact Us" link on the left) to provide:
. Style number, color, and size of the dress (or body measurements - preferred) you need
. Your name
. Shipping address (phone number would be helpful but not required)
. Credit card number, type (Visa or Master Card), name on it, and expiration date
. OR you can mail us a money order or cashier check with the above info
Then we can process and ship you the merchandise. NOTE: Please make sure that we pre-approve the purchase.

Q: Are the dress pictures posted on your site the ONLY dresses you carry?
A: NO!! We have many many more styles and colors in stock. The few pictures posted are only meant to provide some examples of what we offer. We invite you come in to the store to see the dresses.

Q: Why haven't you responded to my email that has been sent to you days ago?
A: Our spam filter occasionally puts some incoming emails in the "Bulk Mail" folder. We routinely go through this folder to rescue the legitimate messages, but some get to us after a long time while some others never make it, sorry! So if you donít get a response after a few days, or if you need urgent help, please call us: 303-255-3830.

Q: What are the prices of the prom dresses?
A: We carry many styles and brands, and each is priced differently. So without knowing a specific style, we can only provide a price range. We have dresses that would fit all budget sizes: From under $100, up to and over $500.

Q: What is the proper care for a dress?
A: In general most dresses need to be dry cleaned, but please refer to the dress tags for proper care.

Q: I need a bridesmaid dress in burgundy color. Do you have a picture that I can see?
A: If we have not posted it, we can take pictures of what we have and email them to you. But because we are quite busy, it may take a few days before we can get to it.

Q: You posted a dress picture on your site but when I called you didn't have it in stock. How come?
A: Please understand that some styles sold quickly and they may be back ordered.

Q: My wedding is coming up. How much time should I shop in advance?
A: The best answer is, as soon as you can. Start your search half a year to 9 months in advance, to ensure you find what you need. Special orders may take from 3 to 8 weeks, but some can be expedited for 7 to 10 days (extra charges applied). Although we always ask our manufacturers for availability, in some extreme cases they (the manufacturers) may take weeks to get back to us.

Q: How can I fax you a document?
A: Our fax number is the same as the telephone number, so please call to let us know first, then hang up and try to fax next.

Q: Can you mail us your catalogs?
A: Sorry we cannot. Our catalogs are for use in store only.

Q: Why do you sometimes have the "Special Sales" notices posted on your site? Are they for real, or just marketing gimmicks? And why don't you post specific numbers such as "50% Off" or specific time frames like "On Sale this Weekend"?
A: We post these sale notices because, well, we do have these sales. Yes they are for real, not tricks. In fact, we usually have items that are off season, or manufacturer discontinued. And we need to clear our stock room to receive new merchandise. That's why we often have these on sale items. About numbers and time frames, these sale items are all different in percentage taken off; and we usually keep them on sale until they're all sold (but then we'll already have new sale items out, and so the sale continues). Come to the store, to check out these sales.

Q: On your Store Policy webpage, what do you mean by "sensitive nature of our products" and "effort to keep prices low"?
A: (Please excuse us for being honest!) Sad but true, some people buy dresses to wear to a party and then return them on the following day. As a customer, nobody wants to buy a dress which has been worn already. Moreover, the returned dresses sometimes had been stained or damaged. Sure we could have accepted all returns, but that would have caused higher costs and therefore higher prices for you, the honest customers.

Q: I (customer) ordered a dress online (or over the phone), but when received I found some damages on it. So you send damaged items out even if you're aware of the problems?
A: No, we definitely do not! We cannot risk our business reputation. In fact, before sending the products out, we always examine them carefully to avoid flaws and damages. But we are all human and therefore we occasionally make mistakes too. So if you receive a damaged item, please contact us for resolutions (return, exchange, etc.) For us, we will then simply return the item back to the manufacturer.

Q: Will you make alterations on a dress not bought from your store? How long does it take to do the alterations?
A: In general, yes we do. But we can only tell for sure after we look at your dress, so please bring it to us. Call us to make sure that our seamstress will be at work when you come in. The time taken to do the alterations is depent on how complex the job is and how busy we are. Usually it is about one week, but we will work it out on case by case basis.

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