Agate bracelets, apparel accessory
Agate bracelets, special item at Party Cloz & Brides' Dreams

What Is Agate?

Agate is a fine-grained variegated chalcedony - a precious stone or translucent quartz - having its colors arranged in stripes, blended in clouds, or showing moss-like forms.

Agate is often used to make jewelries such as bracelets and rings. Because of its nature, each agate item is unique. One bracelet will be different from another in term of colors, stripes, etc., as you can see in the picture above. These two agate bracelets are our actual stock items.

It is believed (but not yet proven) that when a person wears agate jewelry, the healthier he or she is, the better the agate looks.

At Party Cloz and Brides' Dreams, we carry agate bracelets with many different sizes and styles.