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1- Party Cloz and Brides’ Dreams is specialized in formal wear and accessories only. This allows us to invest in a large, high-quality formal wear selection with more styles, more colors, and more sizes.

2- We garantee the lowest prices you can find. For the same item, we'll be glad to match or even beat a competitor price (proof of pricing required).

3- Unlike a chain store, we use "words of mouth" to get our name out instead of paying big budget for advertising. We are able to keep lower cost and therefore we offer more attractive prices, for the same high quality products.

4- We are more sensitive to the market and fashion trends. Because we regularly place new orders with our suppliers, we regularly receive the newest styles available.

5- Alteration is at the lowest cost you can find, because we want you to come back. But we don’t believe in “free alteration”, because it is not really free: The cost would be hidden in the dress' price, which is unfair for you if you don't need alteration. You should pay only for what you get.

6- We offer fast turn-around time for all services. Why? It's simple: The sooner you receive your merchandise, the sooner we get paid. Unlike bureaucratic companies who go thru many steps to get one task done, we avoid most of these routine procedures to get things done quicker.

7- Our sale staff is informative, friendly and definitely not aggressive. We provide good advices and recommendations, but we are not car salesmen!

8- If you are short on cash, we can put the merchandise on hold or in layaway. We hold your dress aside for a few days. Layaway is for longer terms (a few weeks to a few months); when you pay in smaller payments. These services are free of charge (except when you want to express order then a small, reasonable cost will be applied).

9- We carry accessories such as tiaras, veils, shoes, garters, gloves, etc., that match our dress selection.

10- And last, but not least: With our selection, you WILL be the most beautiful lady in your entire party!

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