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Just Chilled!

Colorado weather can be changed rapidly. The last few days were warm and sunny, and today it's foggy with ligh spray of rain and probably very small snow flakes. In Denver area, it almost always snows in March.

But wait a little bit, and the weather can be changed again. That's what people like about CO. Contrary to some thoughts, the sky is sunny for a good part of the year. The snow usually comes and goes away in a day or two. Well, except last December 2006!

We've been glad to see customers drive in from surrounding states. Thank you all, for believing in us.

That's it for this post. Oh, we took a pretty cool picture in our store, so we thought we'd share it with you.


2007-03-15 16:36:00 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Wow, your store looks huge. How many dresses do you carry? In the thousands?
--Snappy D
2007-03-17 21:41:14 GMT
Hi Snappy,

We certainly have a lot in our stock. We often see surprises on our customers' faces when they just walked in. Some even thought that we belonged to a chain or franchise. For the record: No, we don't.

Good day.
2007-03-20 05:48:33 GMT
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